Birthday Baby - Leo


Leo kids-- The Proverbial King of the jungle...

Leo kids like to lead every where, whether it is at home or in the play ground or school. As long as they can lead the way, they will be happy and enthusiastic. You may find them sulking and disinterested when asked to do something that doe not interest them !! Leo kids will always be confident, brimming with bright encourage them. Parenting Leo children involves a lot of patience and tact. Although they are very outgoing and active they are also very sensitive and thrive on the approval of parents and friends.
Leo kids have a more heightened sense of pride and dignity than kids under other zodiac signs. They will go to great lengths to keep up their dignity. So it is not surprising to see them holding back tears after falling. Be careful not to scold them in front of others. The best way to deal with Leo kids is to teach by example. If you want them to deal with a shy friend with more patience, let them see you do the same, maybe with your slow house help. Take the time out to be involved in their lives and take an active interest in their activities. Since they like to be the center of attention you have to see that all the praise doesn’t make them vain. Encourage them enough to let them know that you are proud of their achievements but ensure that their feet are firmly planted on the ground. Bring up your Leo child with love, support and the right amount of restraint and watch them stride through life like the magnificent lion.
its son Mann is leo
Absolutely matching to my lion cub Tanmay!. Thank you for providing tips to handle it..
Good madam very nice teaching technology used in class Room.