Cancer child


One of the striking characteristics of Cancer kids most noticed by parents is the extreme mood swings. So you can find your happy bubbly child transformed into a sulking grumpy kid in a matter of minutes. He will be sensitive and deeply emotional. It is better for you as parents, to adopt the ‘if you can’t beat then join them’ tactic. The Cancer child is deeply influenced by the environment at home; so make sure you provide him a lot of comfort and security at home. He may not ask you for hugs but will love it, if he is given impromptu hugs and kisses. Since they are inherently sensitive, they may take disapprovals from loved ones to heart. So be careful to cushion your criticisms so as not to scar him for life. These kids like to generally keep to themselves and are happy in their imaginary world. Help your Cancer child to make friends, by introducing him to like minded kids.  Be careful not to force. A Cancer child’s world usually revolves around his parents and family. Love and encourage your Cancer child, but do not pamper him so much that he becomes spoilt. Take a firm hand; do not give in to his every demand. Explain gently why he can’t have his way all the time. Ensure that your Cancer child is aware that you love him for what he is no matter what. That is the greatest comfort you can give them.

Unique way to celebrate birthday - Party at the North Pole

This party works best at night, although you can do a day time party also. If you are staying in an apartment complex or a colony, you could invite the neighbourhood kids over for this. Send out the invites with a little Christmas symbol attached to it, like a snowflake, Santa or a reindeer cut-out. Let the dress code be their favourite night suit and ask them to bring along their mammas. Convert the party venue (could be your home, if the crowd is manageable) into a little slice of North Pole with inexpensive everyday items. . You could for example, use two huge balloons (one smaller for the head) to make a welcoming snow man at the entrance. Hang tiny fairy lights in white and paper snow flakes to give a magical feel. Give each of the little guests a Santa hat, personalized with their names to wear. Serve ‘Christmassy’ snacks like plum cake, hot chocolate, cookies.

For the birthday games try a ‘Make your own reindeer food’ bar. Keep containers filled with things like bread crumbs, oats, cocoa throw in some exciting stuff like flying powder (powdered sugar) give them little plastic containers dolled up with red and green satin ribbons to mix the ‘food’

Another game idea could be to have a letter from Santa in which he tells the kids how he lost some of the Christmas gifts and requests their help to hunt for them. Arrange for a treasure hunt of sorts complete with clues. For the take home gifts how about filling some spritzer bottles with a home made pillow spray (look for kid friendly recipes online) and some well loved Christmas books.