Cool things to do this summer !


Cool things to do with your kids this summer – halve the stress and double the fun this summer


“Mom, I am bored”  these are the words which most parents dread to hear during the summer holidays. As well intentional parents, most of us cringe at the thought of our children “wasting” time instead of attending workshops or camps. Most child psychologists agree that children need some unstructured play time to develop their imagination and creativity. It’s completely normal for them to feel bored.

One of the best ways to solve this problem is to engage them in a right mix of activities that includes some workshops or classes which they enjoy, family outings that help you spend time with them exclusively, some DIY projects and most importantly time to laze around. after all that what holidays are really for.


Some ideas to get you started -

  • Plan a day trip to a nearby destination that kids will enjoy, like a theme park or zoo once in two weeks. Pack toys or activities that will engage then during the drive. Carry snacks and plenty of drink as kids seem to get very hungry while travelling. Keep a small first aid kit containing bandages, pain relief sprays and some basic tablets like paracetamol and anti nausea tablets handy.

  • Once a week say Friday night can be a ‘movie night’ where you can rent a DVD of a favorite movie(everyone gets to choose in rotation) and watch it as a family. Order in pizza and make some popcorn to make it more exciting.

  • You can invite a couple of their close friends ( provided yu know the parents well ) for a sleep over.Organize a few games and music, arrange for some munchies and movies and let them take it over from there.

  • Take them to a nearby old age home or orphanage and let them spend some time with the inmates. Encourage them to share their toys with the children there or read to an aged person. This a great way for them to develop a sense of empathy for those less privileged than themselves

  • Enroll them in a workshop of their interest, not necessarily academic, like a creative arts workshop or a storytelling workshop or a dance workshop.

  • Visit a good crafts store and stock up on things for impromptu DIY sessions.

  • Surf the Web for some age appropriate crafts to do with your kids

  • Plan at least a couple of weeks for a visit to grandparents. These journeys make foe lifelong memories for most people so try not to compromise on this trip. Plan ahead to avoid confusions