Deal with Dirty Talk and Bad Language – We ‘swear’ these Ideas Work !


For Anita’s mother, her concept that her child was a little angel came crashing down when she heard her daughter tell her friend where exactly that she go to during a tiff. The first time your little darling swears, can be a startling experience for you as a parent. But the truth is that at one point your little baby is likely to utter a “bad” word, however sheltered she might be. Your duty as a parent is to teach your child to stop swearing and handle herself in a dignified manner. Here are some suggestions:

Dig deeper to find out why she is using bad words:  There are many reasons why your child might start swearing. It is important to keep in mind that she is not likely to use those words for the reasons an adult might be using them. Kids love to imitate others and feel all “grown up”, so if you, or an older sibling or any other family member is prone to swearing, then it is highly probable that your child might be imitating you. Ensure that as far as possible, nobody uses bad words in front of the child as it is a sure shot way of passing on the message to him that swearing is perfectly acceptable, after all his daddy does it.  It is also possible that your child is developing a trashy mouth to get attention; for children even negative attention is acceptable, because they are the centre of attention at that point. Getting to know why your child swears and the right way to deal with it is very important.

Define “bad” for your child: In your child’s little world, words are words; there are no “good” and “bad” words. So sit down with your child and explain to him that certain words are just not acceptable in your house irrespective of who else uses them. Let him know that there will be appropriate disciplinary measures if he slips ups.

Don’t lose your cool:  It is extremely difficult for you as a parent to keep a straight face when your little “baby” is cussing away like there is no tomorrow. But if you behave like he has murdered some one each time he swears, he will realize the power of those words and be temped to use them again and again just to get your attention, if not for anything else. Stay calm and ignore the words at first, but if he persists, then don’t yell or scream just give him a response like” Those are not very nice things to say.

Don’t give it undue importance: Tell your child that just as talking with his mouth full and interrupting somebody’s conversation are bad manners, using inappropriate words are also bad manners. Explain to him that using such words may hurt the other person just as much as if he hits them. This may put things in perspective for your little one.

Give him options: It is not enough that you tell your child not to use bad words and end the matter there. Teach your child what to say instead. So if your child says “shit” if something goes wrong, ask him to try substituting it with some thing else like  “shoot” or “fish” or some thing silly that makes him laugh . He will be more likely to want to use those words instead.

Involve the whole family: Make a common punishment for any body who swears in the house like, the person who swears has to do the dishes that day or take out the garbage. This will pass the message to the child that any body can slip up and what is important is to correct it.