The great Outdoors - How to get your child to enjoy time Outdoors


“My kids just won’t play outdoors”. This has become a much repeated complaint in many households today. Most kids spend hours in front of mindless video games or cartoons for the lack of anything better to do. Encourage your child to spend time outdoors doing simple fun and interesting activities that will keep him occupied as well as healthy. Here are a few suggestions.

Introduce your child to the joys of growing flowers and fruits and being close to nature. If you have a garden, give him a small patch where he can grow things or at least a few pots. Get the necessary garden tools; if possible child friendly ones so that they can help you with the potting. Once you have all the basics in place, decide on the type of plants you want to grow. For first timers it is best to start off with growing herbs as they are very easy to grow. You can start off with mint and coriander.

Fly a kite. Introduce your kids to the fantastic world of kites. Put in some effort. Search the internet on methods to make a kite at home. Then go shopping for the required materials with your kids. Let them choose the colors. Take a day off and use it make a kite at home with your kids. Let them decorate it in any way they like. Once you teach them the basics, they are most likely to get hooked. Once your kids have mastered the art of kite flying, find out the kite flying season in the place where you live and you will most likely come across group of kite flying enthusiasts in your region. You could also pick up cute kites from your nearest Disney stores as well.

Have a picnic outdoors. Call a few of your child’s friends over and arrange for a meal outdoors in a complete Enid Bytom style, with sandwiches and lemonade. A few ‘adventurous games’ like a treasure hunt will make it picture perfect.

Go star watching. Choose a clear night. Arm yourself with a comfortable durries some snacks and drinks and a book on stars and have fun tracing out orisons and shooting stars.

Camp out in a shady spot in the middle of the day.  Let your child “pack” a few essentials and enjoy camping out in the yard. Lighting a small bonfire made of twigs (under adult supervision) can make the experience more authentic. Play some long forgotten games like hopscotch or four corners. Have a full blown treasure hunt. Make a map complete with clues and hints and let the child “hunt” for the treasure. Let your child organize a garage scale in the yard where his friends can bring their old toys and “sell” them to each other or collect old toys to give away .

Go on a nature hunt. Your child can do this individually or with a group of friends.  A list will be given to him along with a bag in which he has to collect the things in the list within a pre set time. So the list can have 1 pebble 2 feathers 3 stones etc. This can also be played in groups.

Make bird house or feeder. You can help your child make a small bird house or a small bird bath for his winged friends in the garden and enjoy watching them splash around in the hot summer days.