Leo Child


Leo kids are born between July 23 and August 22. They are represented by the majestic King of beasts-“the Lion”. Like the lion, they are characterized by their constant need to be the center of attention, right from a young age. You will most likely find your Leo kid presiding over a group of playmates and as they grow older you can see your house being transformed into a local ‘adda’ of sorts.

Leo kids tend to be a little impatient towards people they perceive are ‘slower’ than them. Teach your child to accept another people for what they are, and treat them with the respect they deserve. Teach your Leo child that people need not be ‘slow’ just because they are not proficient in his areas of interest, their talent may lie else where.

Leo kids may not behave in the way you want them to just because “you told them so”. The best way is to teach by example. Ensure that you balance out their attitude that the world revolves around them, with healthy doses of humility and patience.

Behind their overconfident façade, Leo kids are usually very sensitive and even the slightest thought of them as failures can shatter them. So it is up to you as parents to find a middle ground between encouragement and disciplining, to enable them to grow up as balanced individuals with empathy and tolerance.

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