Libran Kids


This is the seventh zodiac sign, and these kids are born between September 23 and October 22. It is a joy to bring up these kids as they are generally easy going and are likely to have an all rounded personality. Libran kids will be the charmers in most social circles, and can be counted on to fill in awkward pauses in-between conversations or make peace between two quarrelling friends. Unlike Aries and Leo kids, they do not crave for attention; instead they give more importance to friendships. They are most likely to have a couple of close friends, although they will be very popular. You will find that your Libran kid will love talking with you about his day rather than being hugged and kissed. So take time out to sit with him and listen to what he has to say. The worst punishment you can give a Libran lid is to ask him to be quiet for a long spell of time. Like the symbol by which they are represented - the set of scales, Libran kids are generally emotionally balanced and rarely exhibit mood swings. Libran kids have a strong sense of justice, and will in most cases support fair play. You can find your Libran child lecturing about fair play in the playground or taking the side of a weaker playmate. They abhor cheating of any kind. Libran kids crave for harmony in all aspects of life, so although you cannot control the outside world, try as far as possible to give him a harmonious environment in the house. Libran kids have a tendency to remove themselves from the scene when things get messy. Teach your children to confront situations in life not run away from them.