Parents or Teachers - Learning Companions


Parents naturally teach children many things as part of the process of bringing them up. Some people argue that parents are the best teachers kids can have, while others claim that teachers because they are professionally trained to teach kids, are better equipped to educate them.

What do we define learning?

Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.(Source

In this context, both parents and teachers can become good learning companions and the children can benefit from the knowledge and experiences of both of them

Parents as learning companions: Parents are like the eyes with which children see the world around them. They form opinions about everything around them, be it people places or circumstances based on what their parents tell them.  Parents have the advantage of being around the kids long enough to get to know their characteristics really well. Parents can impart to their children, the necessary life skills and values that will help them in their future life.  For instance, parents can teach kids good manners, value of money, honesty, the importance of perseverance, the necessity of having empathy etc.. Parents can help their kids reach their full potential

Some areas where children benefit from having parents as learning companions are:


Developing language and communication skills

Emotional development

Teachers as learning companions: Teachers are the ideal people to educate children. They are trained to handle kids in a way that lets the children do their best. So while parents may find it difficult to help their children with a difficult math’s problem, teachers can effectively help them find solutions in a structured way that is easy for them to understand. Teachers are in a better position to encourage the kids and get them to put in their efforts to reach certain goals.

So parents and teachers can work together effectively to ensure that children learn all that they can to become good human beings