Pisces Kids


These kids are born between 19th February and 20th March. They are most likely to be very sensitive and imaginative. You will often find your Pisces child to be very affected by the smallest of things; like a friend not sharing his toy. In the same way they will also be sensitive to other people’s emotions as well. This makes them one of the sweetest and most caring of kids; the one who will readily give up his ice cream for a younger sibling.

Since they are so sensitive, it is relatively easy to discipline a Pisces child, because an angry look from you will be as good as a physical punishment to his delicate heart. When deeply hurt your Pisces child may withdraw into a shell and take time to emerge. Always let your child know that you are there to support him no matter what. Due to this nature they tend to get hurt easily and so as a defense mechanism, may try to stay aloof. It is your job as parents, to teach your Pisces child, the importance of giving people the benefit of doubt rather than writing them off completely.

Also teach your Pisces child that it is ok to say no some times. He might over commit himself lest he hurt others feelings. Surround your Pisces child with love and teach him to be strong emotionally.

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