Sagittarian Kids


It is in the nature of Sagittarius kids to reach out to someone in trouble or console a friend who is feeling low.

It is a delight to watch kids born under this sign, as he grows up.  One of the easiest ways to spot a Sagittarian child is by his popularity. The only difference is that these kids would not be interested in becoming leaders of the group. They would most likely be interested in treating peers as equals rather than boss over them. So don’t be surprised if your phone rings constantly and your child becomes a mini ‘help line’ of sorts to his friends.

Another prominent feature noticeable in a Sagittarian child is his positive and sunny nature and his optimism.  This means that as parents you have one of the easiest kids to handle without the moodiness of Cancerian kids or the secretiveness of Scorpion kids.

So a Sagittarian kid would more likely to invent a new game to play indoors if his much awaited cricket had to be cancelled because of the rains rather than sulk and whine about it like most normal kids would. With his ever positive attitude your child might rely on his luck and decide that certain parts of his lessons are not going to be quizzed on for exams and skip them over. It is your duty. But as parents you have to see that your Sagittarian kids’ optimism does not spill over to overconfidence.

Since they are ruled by fire, Sagittarian kids are likely to be bundles of energy. Always active and on the go, this excessive abundance of energy may lead to them to spells of boredom. So find out activities in which they can channel their energy productively and you will end up with happy active kids.Saggitarian kids value their freedom greatly so ensure that they have a designated space for themselves even if it’s not a whole room.

You will often notice that your Sagittarian child is not afraid to speak his mind. So although you might applaud his truthful nature, you might have to teach him the subtle art of diplomacy when in a social gathering. Explain to him that his blunt ways might hurt the feelings of his loved ones.

Since money or power are not the primary motivating factors for this zodiac sign, those born under this sign are usually concerned with the issues bigger than their immediate world. So give your free spirited, thinking and philosophical Sagittarian the space he craves for and watch him blossom out.


I am a Sagittarian kid :D