Continuing with the March Edition of Inspiring Women Series, we met up with Lakshmi Madhu Bindu, Kidzee - Kodichikkanahalli, Bangalore, as she shared her experiences of being a successful entrepreneur.   Your Early days, Schooling, College ?   Was born on 24th December 1977. Schooling was in Nagarjuna Sagar Collage, Hydreabad and  MBA from David Memorial College.   When did you realize that business was your calling? Any specific event that led to this realization ?   After my first daughter Veechika. I realized that I love kids a lot and my profession will be pre-school. My inspiration is my Dad Mr. Venkateshwara Rao who was also a principal. Family Support - How do you juggle between your personal and... Read More
I'm Sapna M Roy - born and brought up in Bangalore. I carry a Post graduate degree in Finance and a Diploma in Montessori from Gear International Montessori Institute. My learning and working experience began at a software services company for six years, followed by three years of experience in couple of schools and an education consulting firm. I enjoy spending time with my daughters along with cooking, listening to music and reading. I thank god for having given me the opportunity to mother three beautiful creations – my two lovely daughters and my passion, Dots Montessori. I spent 6 years working as a Business Analyst; however that didn’t keep my energies occupied. I decided to quit once my first girl was... Read More
Continuing with the Inspiring Women Series we bring the founders of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Bal Mandir, Jeevanbhima Nagar as they shared their journeys as entrepreneurs and their experiences of working together. Mrs Asha Sankar was born and brought up in Trivandrum, Kerala where she passed her post graduation in Zoology with distinction and stood 6th in the University. Thereafter  she did research leading to Ph D at the Kerala University but unfortunately could not complete it as she moved to Bangalore after marriage. In Bangalore she worked as a Medical Language&Terminology tutor and later as Manager – Training in a leading medical transcription company for a period of 4 years. Later she realised that her... Read More
This is Anu from Bangalore. I would like to introduce myself as the founder and first employee of Feathertouch International, the young and promising Play school and Day Care centre in Electronic City, Bangalore. I had 5 years of management experience in large corporates, when the entrepreneurial bug bite me. By that time my daughter was 4 years. Since my husband had a transferable job, we travelled and relocated to different parts of South India during those 4 years. I continued working in all these locations. My daughter attended 5 different play schools in 3 different cities. This was a valuable experience to me since I was having varied experience at each of these places, some pleasant and some not so... Read More
Continuing the Inspiring Women Series we met up with Navjeet Thethi, Rise and Shine, Bangalore, as she shared her experiences of being a successful entrepreneur.   Your early days, Schooling, College ?   I was born in Lucknow and raised in Bhopal. I have earned my Masters in Business Administration from Devi Ahilya University, Indore (M.P), B.Com from Sarojini Naidu Girls PG College, Bhopal (M.P) and finished my schooling from St.Joseph's Convent, Bhopal.   When did you realize that business was your calling? Any specific event that led to this realization ?   Prior to setting up Rise and Shine Montessori School, I have worked as Assistant Director in a leading Montessori School in Bellevue WA. After moving... Read More
Ahead of the Inspiring Women Series Week we caught up with Ms Jayeeta, Kindle Kare™, Bangalore. She talked about her journey as an entrepreneur, support from her family, relationship with kids, staff and much more.   Your Early days, Schooling, College ?   Was born in Jamshedpur , which is now into Jharkhand, spent my childhood and school days in Kolkata, schooling ws at Carmel High School, Graduation was with the Calcutta University, was trained Hindustani Classical Vocal music, an MBA in Marketing from NMIMS, Mumbai.   When did you realize that business was your calling? Any specific event that led to this realization ?   My own daughters missed the directional approach at the preschool level and a loving... Read More
As the first of the Inspiring Women Series we are happy to publish the story of Ms. Usha Mohan and her journey as a teacher, principal and an entrepreneur….. Currently Ms. Usha Mohan is the Director of The Bangalore School. Let's hear the story of Ms. Ush Mohan in her own words - "I hail from Tamil Nadu (India) and was brought up in the serene valley of Dehradun, Uttranchal. I did my schooling and college in Dehradun. I was a tom boy and loved to play basket ball, was a house captain. Good in studies but not the studious kinds. We had Anglo Indian teachers too who taught us good discipline and grammar. I wanted to study catering at Pusa but always loved teaching. Played a lot of teacher teacher during my... Read More
During our engagement through CoolG we have got to know lot of wonderful women, who have sailed through the odds and have created successful business enterprises. CoolG celebrates their never-say-die spirit and are happy to feature their stories in the March edition of our series of Articles. Their stories are an inspiration to all the women out here who have a lot to learn and celebrate from their experiences. Below Lines from Rudyard Kipling's famous poem "If" truly symbolizes the spirit of all our amazing partners ! If you can keep your head when all about you, Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, ... If you can dream...;If you can think....;If you can... Read More
Your friends have come home for some coffee and gossip session, and things are going on fine, except that you can’t seem to finish a sentence; what if your child is interrupting you every 30 seconds. Whenever any of your friends attempt to speak to your child he either ignores them or runs away. If this sounds like your child, don’t fret. Children are not programmed to have lengthy conversation let alone polite ones. For your child, he is the centre of the universe and the entire world revolves around him. So it is natural for him that what ever he has to say should be considered “breaking news” So teach your child how the art of polite conversation is done and you may be surprised with the results. Teach your... Read More
Visualise a scene where a family is having dinner; the father is taking an overseas call on his blackberry while the mother is chatting away on whatzapp. The tween daughter is texting her way through dinner while the preschooler son is lost in the world of videogames between mouthfuls of food pushed down by his mother. If your family dinner time remotely resembles this then you are not alone. For the last decade or so technology has made such herculean progress that it is now part and parcel of our day to day lives. Most urban families cannot imagine getting through their day without their multiple gadgets. These gadgets make life simpler, you can skype with your extended family living abroad or work from home... Read More
The idea of change is intimidating to adults and kids alike, mostly because it requires you to step out of your comfort zone into unchartered territories. But change is also a way to start afresh. Changing schools is almost always a difficult time for kids as well as you as parents. Most kids react in a negative way when confronted with such a situation; with tantrums, bouts of depression etc as a response to this situation. From a child’s perspective, it is a scary and unsettling situation, as he is expected to leave behind his friends and his comfort zone and move to a place where he is virtually a stranger. But remember that your child is inherently resilient and adapt to change more quickly than adults.... Read More
If the current day advertisements are to be believed, then no child can be healthy and active without his daily doses of vitamins, health drinks and chyawanaprash etc. But does your child really need so much of “supplements” to ensure that he is healthy, or is the balanced diet at home sufficient. Do you need to give a special vitamin for immunity from cough and cold and another one to enhance memory during exams? Here are some thoughts. According to experts, kids should ideally get their daily doses of vitamins from their diet in the form of fiber and whole grains, like unpolished rice whole wheat cereals etc, dairy products like milk curds cheese etc. vegetables and fruits and proteins like pulses, egg, meat... Read More
In today’s world where instant gratification seems to be the mantra of the day, being thankful for what we have seems to be losing its sheen. This is true even with kids. You teach your child the basic manners like saying please, sorry and thank you as soon as he learns how to speak. So much so, that it becomes almost like an automated response for your child. But saying a half hearted thank you is very different from being appreciative of the things that he has been blessed with. Living life with an attitude of gratitude is one of the best lessons that you can teach your child to ensure that he leads a happy life. Here are some suggestions 1. Don’t cater to every whim: In today’s time’s greater disposable... Read More
This is the seventh zodiac sign, and these kids are born between September 23 and October 22. It is a joy to bring up these kids as they are generally easy going and are likely to have an all rounded personality. Libran kids will be the charmers in most social circles, and can be counted on to fill in awkward pauses in-between conversations or make peace between two quarrelling friends. Unlike Aries and Leo kids, they do not crave for attention; instead they give more importance to friendships. They are most likely to have a couple of close friends, although they will be very popular. You will find that your Libran kid will love talking with you about his day rather than being hugged and kissed. So take time... Read More
“My kids just won’t play outdoors”. This has become a much repeated complaint in many households today. Most kids spend hours in front of mindless video games or cartoons for the lack of anything better to do. Encourage your child to spend time outdoors doing simple fun and interesting activities that will keep him occupied as well as healthy. Here are a few suggestions. Introduce your child to the joys of growing flowers and fruits and being close to nature. If you have a garden, give him a small patch where he can grow things or at least a few pots. Get the necessary garden tools; if possible child friendly ones so that they can help you with the potting. Once you have all the basics in place, decide on the... Read More