The Little Giant from Indonesia

Two months back, I have been endued to watch a documentary film about elephants, it was shot at Indonesia, and I have never seen such a movie which describes life and nature. The film is basically about an elephant which grows with an Indonesian farmer. The farmer found that baby elephant while it was lost her mother, he has driven the baby elephant to his home.

The' Yellow Belt' road to Happiness

Happiness (for a 6 year old) = a meter of yellow cloth obtained after 4 hours of intense physical exertions.

Sunday was a landmark day in Nachikaet's "martial artistic" life. He has been given "official membership" into the fascinating world of martial arts. It is his first "real achievement"... all the more sweeter as it is quite literally the fruit of his sweat and labor.

Abhuy's Mornings

One of the best things about every morning is his smile.

As soon as he wakes up, he smiles.

Not at me.

Cricket made me a Chanakya

Cricket made me a Chanakya


“I used to be the football captain team during my college days. Wonder why Advaita isn’t crazy about outdoor sports the way I used to be,” thought aloud my husband. Advaita is our almost-ten-year-old son.

Nanhi Pari - Paakhi !!

Nanhi Paakhi pooche maa se,

Mumma main hun kitni pyari,

Mumma boli Itni pyari,

Jitni badi yeh dunia saari,

Tu hai meri raajkumari,

Nanhi gudia sunti lori,

Lakadi ki kathi sunke hasti

Paakhi meri jo be maange

usko vo har dum hai paati.

Thodi ziddi, thodi pyari,

Paakhi meri badi Sayani.

Finding your balance!

As a working mom, I often used to be in a dilemma on what the right work-life balance was! I spoke endless hours discussing this with friends and family in various stages of life! As an end product of all my research, I was able to distill one single truth about this matter. And, that is,

Shaping a toddler......

Well when we are gifted with a baby we are naturally mothers and rest is life.This life which teaches us more than what we had learnt in our last years and this phase is more fulfilling and rewarding than any other as I am sure all will agree.Its said that all good things start at home and first bead is woven from there.
I have put up some experiences which any parent would like to know or practice if they too are new ones and take a clue from this :

The MOM in ME !

It’s interesting how much we Moms are concerned about our childrens’ behaviour these days, both in and outside the house. And going through parenting sites and keeping a close watch on their tiniest of actions is very “in” these days. So, it is totally justified if I, being the mother of two amazingly mischievous boys aged 3 and 5, am almost crazy about monitoring their progress, how they are responding to situations and their environment, how far negative aspects of their behavior can be corrected and how can I contribute to them becoming better individuals when they grow up.

Just a lovely, lazy day!

12:00 noon! Lazy Sunday...

My husband is on the way to US, his flight scheduled to land in Paris soon.

My in-laws on their way back to Mysore. Their tempo scheduled to leave in an hour or so.

My darling son has just completed hour 2 of his nap. (Surprise! Surprise!) His beauty sleep is still going strong! :)

And I sit here in front of my lappie, all of a sudden with a lot of time! And a lot of peace and calm in my soul. (If you count out the anxious flight tracking :P).

Cool Tiffin Receipes

Hey diffcult part of our every day life with school going kid is what to put in their lunchbox??....