Memoirs of a 24/7 Parent !

Two months back, I have been endued to watch a documentary film about elephants, it was shot at Indonesia, and I have never seen such a movie which describes life and nature. The film is basically about an elephant which grows with an Indonesian farmer. The farmer found that baby elephant while it was lost her mother, he has driven the baby elephant to his home. The eyes of that baby elephant was filled with tears, it keeps searching her mother, the farmer hold and hugs the trunk of the... Read More
Happiness (for a 6 year old) = a meter of yellow cloth obtained after 4 hours of intense physical exertions. Sunday was a landmark day in Nachikaet's "martial artistic" life. He has been given "official membership" into the fascinating world of martial arts. It is his first "real achievement"... all the more sweeter as it is quite literally the fruit of his sweat and labor. What really made this day special for me, was to see my son (who used to come running asking to be taken to a hospital,... Read More
One of the best things about every morning is his smile. As soon as he wakes up, he smiles. Not at me. But because the joy of discovering me in his life every morning is so overwhelming! He does not expect a smile in return. Just a promise - that I stay with him, this way! Forever? Well, he lives day by day - and his concept of "forever" is "this second". Charming life, isn't it? *** And this, is bliss!! *** And who needs a special day for mothers? The privilege of being a mom is one of the... Read More
Aparajita Bose
Cricket made me a Chanakya   “I used to be the football captain team during my college days. Wonder why Advaita isn’t crazy about outdoor sports the way I used to be,” thought aloud my husband. Advaita is our almost-ten-year-old son. That was some months back. Our son kept showing more interest in “Cops and Robbers” and a little bit in basketball and a lot in table tennis and running around the whole neighbourhood and building a Bey-blade stadium with his friends, who too incidentally showed... Read More
Nanhi Paakhi pooche maa se, Mumma main hun kitni pyari, Mumma boli Itni pyari, Jitni badi yeh dunia saari, Tu hai meri raajkumari, Nanhi gudia sunti lori, Lakadi ki kathi sunke hasti Paakhi meri jo be maange usko vo har dum hai paati. Thodi ziddi, thodi pyari, Paakhi meri badi Sayani.