The Little Giant from Indonesia


Two months back, I have been endued to watch a documentary film about elephants, it was shot at Indonesia, and I have never seen such a movie which describes life and nature. The film is basically about an elephant which grows with an Indonesian farmer. The farmer found that baby elephant while it was lost her mother, he has driven the baby elephant to his home. The eyes of that baby elephant was filled with tears, it keeps searching her mother, the farmer hold and hugs the trunk of the elephant with his sacred fingers. Slowly, it started walking with the farmer. There were two kids at the farmer’s home and they were very happy and delighted about the new comer. The younger kid was more and more felicitous, elder sister of her also much caring about the baby elephant, they were feeding milk to the baby elephant with bottles.

The farmer was bit confused about the food practice of an elephant and discussed about the same with his friend who already has an elephant. They have decided to possess the baby elephant. Even though the baby elephant keep crying sometimes and reminding her mother. The two kids were wiping the tears of that baby and holding its trunk. Slowly, the elephant started settled with the environment and become happy.

I don’t know whether an elephant may cry or not? But, when I saw the tears of that baby elephant, I realized that animals too have the same sense of Love and affection. Both the kids were playing with the elephant as soon as they come back from their school. They were living in a mount vale village. Their house was made up by dry grass. An elephant can glide on the vale very easily, while the kids’ couldn’t. once they were try to climb with the collected wood, the elder sister called for the younger one to pick hold the tail of that elephant, when she was also trying to do that, this baby elephant twisted its trunk to her and lift her into the terrain.

The baby elephant was growing along with these kids, it helps a lot to the family by carrying woods and collecting leaves, the family is basically depends on trees and plants of that forest. After a certain period of time the farmer started a new business. It was about to make small boats for fishing. With the help of this elephant the family was comfortable with their needs. Carrying woods and take home, collecting medicinal plants from the deep bushes and lot other work has been done by the elephant. 

Every day in the early morning, the elephant and these kids were going for bath in the nearest river. That was a marvelous frame which I have never seen in my life. Elder sister was scratching the elephant with the sand stone and made it also taking bath, the elephant lied down on the banks, and kids were jumping and diving from the elephant into water. While they were swimming the elephant started showering them with its trunk. Every day the elephant was waiting for the kids come back from school, once they were back, it was so delighted and dancing with them. Often the farmer gets suggestions from his friend to feed the elephant. The elephant becomes mature and big enough.

Some days the smaller kid was sick and takes rest at home, mother takes all the care to her and keep giving medicines, the elephant was distressed and making noise at that time. It started crying again as like she cries for her mother in the opening shots. I have never witnessed that much depression in my life to see that frame of that movie. I was completely out of control and my eyes were broken down. I feel like a small kid and weep for a long.

After she recovered the elephant carrying her into the deep forest and made her more comfortable with life, they were all growing together. The visuals of rain forest, flow of river near to their home, the cloudy evenings were closer to the roof of their home are a real envision to the human eyes.

I have never seen the brightness and delight of any children who lives in the great palaces of this world instead of these two kids’ eyes and the elephant are even. Very soon the Indonesian department of forest came to know that an elephant was in this farmer’s house without permit and they have captured this farmer to demand a huge amount of bribe. They were demanding either the bribe has to be settled or surrender the elephant. The poor farmer was scared and accepted to leave the elephant. The same day evening he was in an upset mood at home and afraid of disclosing the matter. He was much worried about their children. The next day morning the entire home came to know about this deplorable news. They were started crying and enormously melted. Even the viewers of that movie.

The same day a young forest officer visited their home to make a note about that elephant, he was kind enough to hold and hug the trunks of the elephant, while these were happening there was a mild share of smile between the young officer and the elder girl. In that smile of that young officer, we have beedeveloped a faith of staying with the elephant. He was wondered about the love shown towards the elephant by this family; he too started loving the elephant as well as the elder girl of the family, after two three days that the young officer visited along with his family to requesting the elder girl as his better half. It was a typical moment of Indonesian families. Even the elephant has been dressed in. the young girl introduced the elephant to the visitors and the trumpet of elephant echoes all around the mountain. 

It was a wonderful movie which describes the impact of relationship, joy of living, beauty of nature, happiness on being with nature, a father’s responsibilities, his mind set, children’s psychology, love, disregard of all the governments about nature.

Still, when we see elephants the hidden kid inside of us started dancing and singing. Elephants are the giant icons of life. Everywhere people love elephants and enjoy its walk. They were more obedient to the tiny man in front of them; there was a bond of love in between men and elephants everywhere. Unfortunately if they get angry, the result is really crushed. They crushed and smashed the human life on their feet. Elephants never disturb anyone; they almost love to be in peace with their families. We have occupied their spaces and blaming them for destroying our paddies. We have lots and lots of lessons to learn from elephants. I always love to go for a safari like the Indonesian kids gone through with. Inauspiciously, I don’t have that opportunity to do so. But this movie gratified me for that unavailable experience with nature. Very often I wakeup in my dreams after heard the swinging bells of that elephant with kids at the Indonesian mountains. Yeap, that is keep reflecting all over the universe as the symbol of Love.

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Arivazhagan K
Father of Niraimozhi
New Beginings Pre School for Excellence

Thanks for sharing. It's a very nice documentary. Can you please share the title of that documentary? If it is available on internet, try to download and show to my kid also.
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I didn't noticed your Comment, Unfortunately, I just forgot the Name of that Documentary, I will try my best to find out and let you know, or upload the same Video. Regards Arivazhagan K
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Really its very nice documentary. If possible share the name of same. Thanks for sharing this details.
So touching documentary.