Study Buddy Practice Sheets


Make learning an enjoyable & delectable experience.

Study Buddy offers solutions to your daily challenges of creating practice content for your kids. We bring to you practice sheets for English & Mathematics (Grades 1 to 5). These sheets will reinforce the concepts taught in school while making learning an enjoyable experience. We assure you, it will inculcate the habit of regularity & in time, self study.

Why Study Buddy?

  • Daily Practice sheets as an aid to the concepts being taught in schools.
  • Revisiting and recapitulation of concepts from time to time to provide comprehensive revision of concepts covered.
  • Enabling an environment to reinforce the concepts through written medium, which is very important for the child.
  • Covering wide variety of concepts from NCERT, relevant to each grade  in an organized and structured manner.
  • Thoughtfully designed colored sheets, in attractive package folder that can be easily managed by children.
  • Delivered at your home address in three packages of 30 - 40 sheets (for each subject) to keep the child excited.

Math Buddy Sheets:

  • Multiple Practice Sheets to cover basic concepts through different methods.
  • Using Numbers in a way that challenges the clear knowledge of concept.
  • Sheets on mental calculations, so that the child learns the techniques of applying various number operations mentally.
  • Giving Story sums that a child can relate with.
  • Making problem solving simple by taking examples that are part of everyday life of the child. 

English Buddy Sheets:

  • Grammatical Concepts covered in a structured manner while, making the learning process interesting, joyful.
  • Different methods to introduce multiple techniques of creative writing.
  • Reading Passages with questions to hone comprehension skills.
  • Vocabulary building for using the appropriate words with summarized revision at the end of each package.

Study Buddy Package Structure

  • Delivered to your door steps anywhere in India
  • 330 pages of Maths and English delivered in 3 packages..

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-Team StudyBuddy